Hip Hop

Hip Hop classes are high energy aimed to build confidence and explore the many styles. All classes are tailored to the needs and abilities of the student. Classes usually consist of a cardio warm up, stretch and conditioning component, before choreography is taught.


Jazz classes focus on technique and the importance of performance. Classes consist of a cardio warm up, stretch and technique from the corner before participating in Choreography. Steps and routines are taught with flair, and the styles taught range from commercial dance steps to Cabaret/Broadway style.


Contemporary classes focus on technique and the ability to express emotion through the body. Classes consist of a cardio warm up with some conditioning, before undertaking various phrases during choreography.

Stretch & Flex

These classes allow students to concentrate on improving their flexibility whilst strengthening and lengthening their muscles. The class also allows for students to workshop different tricks and movements and ultimately learn to perform them correctly and safely.

Adult Hip Hop

These classes are designed for Uni students and older where you can enjoy Hip Hop in a social environment. The focus of these lessons is to learn basic techniques whilst having fun and keeping fit.


This class is aimed to develop co-ordination and balance through various loco motor activities. It develops flexibility and strength and teaches students how to control their body through various tumbling sequences, individual, partner and group exercises.

Lil P’z

This class is designed for our little movers and shakers. Students learn timing, rhythm and basic dance steps in a fun way to funky music. Lil P’s builds self- esteem and allows students to make new friends and develop at their own pace.

Jr P’z

This class is a progression from our Lil P’s class, where students can start to connect technique to their dance lessons. There is more focus on learning the correct way of doing the steps whilst continuing to improve in rhythm and timing. A mix of Jazz and Hip Hop techniques are taught with an incorporation of basic Ballet techniques also.

Boyz Hip Hop

A high-energy class that is designed to encourage and inspire young boys to enjoy and experiment with Hip Hop. An element of break dance, popping and locking and other genres of Hip Hop are also taught. A great place to start dance and build some confidence.

Company Class

These classes are invite only, where students are given the opportunity to experience other genres with guest choreographers. Contemporary and Jazz techniques are of focus to further develop students and to prepare them so they are industry ready.

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