Mid Year Showcase

Precizion students are able to perform in a Mid Year Showcase, which is run as a gala where parents/guardians, other family and friends can watch our students perform a floor show, whilst enjoying a meal and a drink. This style of showcase has proved to be very popular, and has allowed students of the school to socialize and mingle in a great atmosphere. Students showcase the work they have learnt in the first two terms of the year.

End of Year Concert

Precizion students are also able to be involved in an End of Year Concert, where they can showcase the work that has been taught over Terms 3 and 4.

The extra costs involved:

  • Costumes
  • Prop Hire
  • Concert Rehearsals

Although the End of Year Concert is not compulsory, it is encouraged for students to take part in them as it builds confidence and provides experience for the industry.  Therefore, once committed to the event, students and parents/guardians should note if costumes have been purchased, and they decide to give up their class they will still incur the fee of that costume.

Performance is a big part of Precizion and an opportunity to show family and friends what has been learnt during the year. We believe students grow from these experiences and the friendships and skills learnt during these events are second to none.


Precizion students can also be involved in our Competition Hip Hop and Theatrical Jazz Teams. These classes are challenging and take our students to the next level. Students must audition at the beginning of the year to be considered for these teams.

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